Where Is the Headphone Jack on iPhone 5

This will prevent excessive stress to the cables for display. After the clips are removed from the sides and bottom of the assembly for front panels remove the front panel’s bottom away from the back case. Unscrew the two 3.6 millimeter Pentalobe screws that are next to the Lightning connector. Use safety eyewear to shield your eyes from glass that gets shaken up in the process of repair. It is also possible to follow this guide to repair the microphone’s gasket. Re-position the display shield on top of the cables when you’re sure they’re secured. Connect the three cables to the display to the board that’s on the iPhone 5.

It is important to note that the Lightning connector, the headphone connector, and cellular antenna are all on one assembly, and need to be replaced and removed. Make sure you remove any rubber gaskets that do not be on your brand new docking assembly. For instance, the microphone has a gasket on it which you’ll have to remove from the dock connector , and place onto your new connector. The dock should be completely free of the casing on its back. Be careful not to cut any wires or cables which may be being held to bits of glue and adhesive. Then, use the spudger to gently pull the connector from the board in the manner illustrated. Begin by removing the two screws that are shown in the image below.

Disconnect The Battery

Then slowly move the tool across the left side of the battery. You can then gently push upwards, a bit at each interval. Every time, you will hear the sound of cracking. Make sure you apply pressure evenly and move your tool repeatedly. Then place the suction cup on top of the Home button, and slowly push upwards starting at the base. Be careful not to take the entire screen away because the top part of your screen remains surrounded to the cable via several. It is only necessary to remove the bottom part. Use your 5-point screwdriver to remove the two screws for the dock connector that rest on either one side of the dock.

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I prefer my iSesamo opening tool to remove batteries because it’s flexible and that implies it’s more fragile. It’s possible to employ the flat side of a spudger tool , if you’d like, however I’ve found the tools to break rather easily. The final thing you’ll have to do is to transfer your Touch ID connector — that’s highlighted belowin your new dock. Be careful not to damage any component that is part of the Touch ID connector as doing it could result in Touch ID to fail to function, and the component cannot be repaired. Use the flat end of your spudger tool , or using the iSesamo open tool gently remove the remainder parts of the Lightning dock out of the case. It’s not required to remove the battery completely however it’s recommended to unplug it prior to replacing any components. This can prevent shorts that might occur when the Power button accidentally is pushed in repair.

Step 22 Lightning Connector And Headphone Jack

Make sure you don’t lose the cup when you remove it the cap, and ensure it’s returned to the correct place. A screw that is magnetized can hinder the compass. Make sure the cup is fully placed on the screen for the perfect seal.

The shield protects the battery connector. Before you begin, make use of your screwdriver for security to loosen two screws on the lower part of the iPhone 5 that sit on either side of the dock.

If you take an eye on the market, you will locate excellent headphones that include buttons. I have two headphones that offer great sound, microphones as well as phone control.

Once you have done that after that, the display should no longer be visible of the display. In addition you will only be able to observe two cables, as the third one is located underneath. The majority of the time, the third one will pop up in its own way when you unhook the two cables that are in front. It may be necessary to remove it, but more likely, it will pop up by itself.

I’m guessing that after two years, the item will begin to accumulate a lot of dust. Check the new piece to the original. It is possible that you will require to transfer the other components or take off adhesive backings from the new piece prior to installing. Utilize the flat side of a spudger in order to break off and release the enclosure of the speaker from the back enclosure. If you’re in a pinch the small screwdriver with a flat head can be used, but use extra care to make sure it isn’t slipping and damaging the surrounding components. Move the display cable bracket towards the battery to remove it, then remove it out of the iPhone. Use a rubber band to hold the display in place as you work.

Our techs have performed more than 27,000 iOS repairs to devices, meaning the iPhone is in safe in our hands when it comes to iPhone repairs. If you want to restart the conversation you just need to ask another question. Select the size you prefer and paste the code below to include this guide as an embedded widget on your forum or website. I purchased the replacement initially, but then I realized dirt. I cleaned the dirt, and it’s now functioning once more.

The only thing that connects it to the dock is a small amount of adhesive. Utilize your spudger to remove the dock from the speaker at the location illustrated in the image below. Then, use the spudger tool to pull out the three cables connecting both the monitor and board.

After that, you can snap the screen back down and back into place. Be sure to align the grooves at to the upper part of the display within the frame. If you’re experiencing resistance, don’t force the screen down. Be sure that all is aligned properly in the top and the connectors at the top are properly aligned. Connect the battery connector carefully aligning it and pressing it using your fingers. Then, focus on removing the remainder of the Lightning dock cable off the casing on the back, paying attention to the position of the logic board.