What Is Hot Swappable Keyboard

The keyboard’s size becomes smaller it’s number of keys diminished. As an example, a larger keyboard needs additional keys which can be costly. The socket connects the PCB to switches which is hot-swappable. This video will provide guidance on how to convert your normal keyboard into a hot-swappable one. Thus, the alphas switches are suspended, which poses a threat of damaging your hot-swap motherboard. Connects to up to 3 devices using Bluetooth and allows you to switch between them with ease.

In time dust and dirt will get to your keyboard, where it gets accumulated under individual keys. It is possible to remove individual keys by lifting them up and then out. Then, you blast air pressure to your keyboard.

What Is Swappable Keyboard?

The Cherry MX switches require keycaps that have a+ shape that can fit in the switches properly, whereas other brands might require different shapes. Also, you are not able to make use of half-built plates with a hot-swap PCB. The switches cannot be attached solidly on the board as compared those soldered switch. A specific tool is needed to take the keys off, which could break the switch housing on the keyboard. The socket is likely to break after about 4-5 hot swaps of the keyboard. There are a variety of possibilities for hot-swapping and each switch of keys is distinct. You can pick keys that have different characteristics and place the keys on your keyboard.

Incessantly removing and inserting switches can damage parts in the keyboard. PCBs with sockets cause friction between the pins which results in them scratching and wear out. While hot-swappable keyboards can be useful, they are lacking in some aspects, such as durability. For instance, if one of your keys stop working on a hot-swappable keyboard such as the Koi Co Hot-Swappable Keyboard you could pop out the keys to look for issues. Keyboards that can be hot-swapped are extremely useful for gamers and can be customized. It is possible to replace many of the components of a computer based on your preferences.


The most effective RGB keyboard that has keys that can be customized or feet that can be adjusted improve the user experience from a practical and aesthetic perspective. The model that was tested for this review features an interchangeable plate that lets you to select from 6.26u, 2.25u and 2.75u split space layouts. In terms of function and cost, Apex manages to find an appropriate balance. It’s a solid, well-designed choice for those who don’t need a numpad but prefer maximum flexibility, durability, and quality for the money. Professional Software allows you to remap keypresses and assign macros. You can also modify RGB lighting effects with an extremely robust CIY drive. Full key rollover Anti-ghosting+Full Keys Programmable-Powerful chip enables highly customized RGB lighting and functions. Professional Software allows you to change keys’ functions or assign macros to them, and modify RGB lighting effects with the power of the LTC drive.

In the event that the model of the keyboard you are using is OEM or the person using it is unable to determine the model or model for the device, we strongly recommend seeking advice from experts on various forums online. Do not simply pull out the switches as it could harm the switches and sockets of keyboards with solder only. Some customized keyboards are solder-only PCBs. The reason for this is because solder-only PCBs are able to support various layouts. The only thing you need to be aware of is that there aren’t any companies providing this alternative for the keyboards they sell.

Switch Compatibility

It is possible to take out some keys and replace them with new ones. Keyboards that are traditional, on other hand, can be more difficult to modify.

Professional Driver Support)The bluetooth mechanical keyboard is paired to a driver developed recently that allows you to customize the lighting modes macro keys, and use scenarios. In short the keyboard that can be hot-swapped is capable of switching and is efficient enough to improve speed and accuracy no matter if you’re playing or typing. Keyboards such as Drop ALT are only compatible with switches that have three pins.

Keychron K4 Hot Swappable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Rgb Backlit

The keyboard isn’t an attractive box, and doesn’t come with a large manual or a user-friendly software, but this shouldn’t be an issue if you’re looking for performance above all other things. The K660 has the ability to poll at a rate of 1000Hz, and the ability to transmit and receive data up to 1000 times per second. This is great for gamers who are looking for speed and responsiveness. The K660 features MX blue switches, which offer the highest durability since they were tested to withstand keystrokes of 50 millimeters. The hot swap keyboard can be bought in wired or Bluetooth models and the latter is powered by a robust 1900mAh battery. The keyboard can be hot swappable. Quiet Red – Hot-swap PCB lets you swap three pins or five pins switch without hassle, and is compatible to any type of MX switch (brands such as Cherry, Gateron and Kailh as well as others. Wireless RGB Gaming Keyboard) Mechanical keyboard from Womier. with fantastic outlooking, High-performance Type C USB connector the wire length is one.

The decision will be based on the level of your knowledge on how to solder, and if you intend to swap switches frequently. Keychron C1, which is a 10keyless, hot-swappable white USB Type-C backlight mechanical keyboard wired specifically for Mac as well as Windows.

At the higher end, keyboards that can be swapped hot are often priced at over $100. Additionally, keyboards that are hot swappable are more durable when compared to mechanical keyboards of the traditional type. If they do become malfunctioning, users can quickly change the switches.

Keyboards that can be swapped hot are highly recommended for novices as they can make testing different types of switches much more simple. Soldered keyboards are ideal for users with more experience who know the switches they’d like to use.