Ram 1500 Lift Kit

If you use the kit to level I would recommend that you keep the tire below 34.5 inches. If you’d like to increase the size then you’ll need an upgrade kit and everything associated equipment. This is your first truck, so don’t try to force tires that are too large. Set it up, put on an average tire of 33-34″ tall, and relax for a while. Block your rear tires, and ensure your car is parked using the emergency brake turned on. Utilize an hydraulic jack (jacks that come from tire spare kits will not be enough) and stand jacks to raise your front wheels from the floor. Consult the owner’s guide to determine the proper jacking point for lifting the vehicle safely. Get more information about lift kit installation shops near me

However, to ensure that you’re sure, you can talk to whether the prior owner was a good one. Although leveling your vehicle isn’t going to reduce the mileage in the same way that significantly lifting the vehicle or towing a large trailer will, it’ll be evident in time. In closing, I’d like to remind you that every truck is unique, as every truck is constructed differently.

To take the strut off to get it out, go slow. A CV-style rubber boot can get blocking the way. You must gently push the rubber boot both sides while another person holds the unit back. You can then put it back into. Find the ball joint on the top and release the bolt.

How do I Install a Dodge Ram 1500 Leveling Kit?

Thanks to an WD hook, the vehicle is dropped approximately an inch and a half to the rear. There is one” spacer at the back and a little rake that is not hooked, and a small amount of sag that is hooked. It’s 29′ long and when loaded , weighs about 6500 pounds. Make a similar photo to the one that the other person posted, but it appears that you’ve got one in there. It’s difficult to determine from the angle it was taken from, but If you could take it from the side and on the ground level would be more beneficial.

Suspension companies offer levels in various sizes, based on the needs. It is essential to keep all the hardware that came with your vehicle in the event that you decide to remove the kit for a look that is more stock. In general, lift kits tend to be more costly than standard leveling kits due to the fact that they raise the entire 4 corners on your car instead of just the front or back.

Replace the lower bolt for the strut. It is necessary to put the Jack over the upper control arm, and then raise it.

Find A Leveling Kit to For Your Car

The bump stop may be within that coil spring you need to remove it. It should easily come out We suggest using the pliers or a pry bar however, if you aren’t able to you can add the PB Blaster. Always make sure to block off your tires and ensure that your car is in the parking space with the emergency brake turned on.

What are the advantages of A leveling Kit?

Place the bump stop back in its place, attach the links for the sway bar, and then put the shocks back on. Find the torque specifications in the instructions for installation or the manuals of your shop for your car. I just put this kit in place on my GC 2WD friend. Oh my God is it much more simple on the 2wd compared to the 4wd. It took me about 5 hours with mine took less than two hours with his. Remove the upper control from the Knuckle.

A wrench of 18mm can loosen the bolts that hold the upper strut up. I’m not sure the reason you would want to take off this leveling system. There is no impact, if any, on fuel efficiency, a better look and stance and the truck will not sink if you tow.

Because I’m a sexy sassy I took measurements from the ground, but only at the front. I didn’t take out the LCA bolt, nor did I require spring clamps. The whole assembly was turned 180 degrees and then you can turn the lower ears using the help of a screwdriver to bolt again. Then, you removed the LCA off the frame side and then lifted it back into its place using the jack after the shock was securely anchored into the mount on the top.